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Study the Swan River Colony at East Perth Cemeteries

From Captain Stirling’s first voyage in 1827 to John Septimus Roe’s survey of Perth, including the cemetery he is buried in, this excursion will provide a unique experience for your students whilst providing them with an insight into the colonial period.

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Excursions to East Perth Cemeteries (EPC) are curriculum aligned and delivered by experienced education professionals. Students are engaged in discovering unique stories through activities embedded in the history of the place. A comprehensive Teacher Guide and Student Booklet are available along with an Excursion Management Plan. The Teacher Guide and Student Booklet provide information and pre and post visit activities that support student learning in the classroom and enrich a visit to the Cemeteries. These activities extend and consolidate students’ understanding of the economic, political and social reasons for establishing colonies in Australia after 1800, the patterns of colonial development and settlement and provide an opportunity to explore significant people and events.

Option 1:       4 hours at EPC, tour and two activities, includes break times for morning tea and lunch.

Option 2:       2 ½ hours at EPC, tour and one activity, includes break for morning tea break.

Option 3:        4 ¾ hours, half the day at EPC and half a day at PF, tour and one activity at EPC, travel, by bus, to Peninsula Farm in Maylands (approximately 15 minutes) then tour and two activities at Peninsula Farm.

Option 4:        3 hours, one session at EPC and another session at the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA). Tour and one activity at EPC. Afterwards visit the SLWA where library staff will guide students through accessing the collection and introduce them to using ‘Trove’. Information recorded at the Cemeteries becomes the focus of this guided research.

This is an outdoor experience. St Bartholomew's Church can be utilized but students must wear closed shoes and are prepared for the elements. Please note that not all parts of the Cemeteries are accessible to people in wheelchairs. All visitors need to bring sufficient food and water for their visit as there are no facilities onsite. Visitors are asked to take all litter away with them.

There is no onsite parking. Short term bus parking is available in Bronte Street. All other vehicles will need to find paid parking within the vicinity. Please adhere to City of Perth parking signs as infringements are issued.

For further information or to making a booking, please contact the National Trust of Western Australia on 9321 6088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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